At its Lyon site, ABL Europe offers ready-to-process laboratories & office space. ABL Europe provides fully functional lab space & services to start laboratory operations, biopharmaceuticals development or medical devices production on day one


ABL Europe provides fully functional laboratories, permits, lab support, plus all reasonably common lab equipment for biotech activities. Access to meeting rooms, event space, and kitchen is also included.

  • R&D laboratories & cleanrooms, BSL2, ISO 7-8, 20 to 50 sq.m
  • Standard utilities & equipment supplied (CO2, sterilization autoclave, washing area …)
  • Private offices, 3 to 20 workplaces


Access to the infrastructure is provided as part of a broader service offering quality assurance, laboratory, technical and administrative support. Qualified persons with the quality management staff are able to provide additional high added value services to ensure compliance of activities performed by clients with ISO or GMP regulations. ABL Europe’s services offer is tailored to customer’s needs from R&D to manufacturing of medical devices or new investigational drugs.

  • Operational quality assurance services
  • GMP site management
  • Laboratory support (solution preparation, cleaning, sterilization …)