Committment & flexibility

ABL fully understands that biotech companies require a commitment to meet key milestones, but with a certain level of flexibility to accommodate occasional unforeseen changes during the development phase.

ABL also wants to secure commitments with flexibility, which can be mutually respected through regular and open communication to manage both parties’ expectations in advance.

ABL’s contracts’ structure provides flexibility through formal business commitments.

The respective work packages for the different phases of a project are captured by ABL in task orders, as binding documents under the framework of the master services agreement (MSA).

Several task orders may be approved and initiated for different activities and products, separately or simultaneously, under a single MSA. 

The sequence of task orders and the timing of their approval and execution, is defined by ABL’s and the client’s representatives, according to the project planning defined from the kick-off meeting and tracked on a continual basis.

Process and analytical transfer, development activities are defined and approved in a relatively short timeframe.

Longer lead-time activities and reservation of capacity in the GMP facilities, are approved in task orders sufficiently in advance to anticipate and secure the necessary capacities and procurement of materials.

ABL manages its resources and capacities allocation in a transparent & open manner with all of its clients, in order to meet the respective demands as aligned with the project planning.

When a change in the scope of work, or planning of activities is required, a modification to a task order is written and approved by both parties in advance to capture the change including any timeline and budget impacts.

The key to managing commitment with flexibility, is through good communication & visibility by all stakeholders, of both parties’ near to longer-term expectations, objectives and corporate milestones.

In addition, ABL has GMP capacity available at different sites which can also support to mitigate mid to longer-term outsourced supply chain risks to biotech and Pharma companies.