Bidding process

ABL Europe’s business development team have a technical background in all phases of development and manufacture of GMP viral vectors, working with biotech & Pharma companies located globally.

From the initial point of contact, a dedicated business development manager will be happy to respond and guide potential clients through all stages of the bidding process.

The commitment required by both parties through the complete outsourced selection process is considerable, where a mutual qualification of fit is determined step-by-step on a confidential and informed data driven basis.

Following the receipt of a formal request for proposal (RFP) from the product sponsor, ABL will perform a detailed technical, regulatory and business review of the client’s outsourced CMC requirements.

The initial qualification of fit and decision to proceed with the generation of a technical scope of work and business proposal, will be determined from the RFP and answers to any questions raised.

Typically, a formal business proposal can be provided by ABL within 3 – 4 weeks of the initial decision to proceed. ABL actively encourages open and direct feedback on all aspects of its proposals.

Following a decision by both parties to enter into more detailed business and technical discussions, ABL welcomes site visits by prospective clients, to view the facilities and to meet the technical teams.

Site visits are essential to support an advanced phase of the outsourced selection process, where the necessary cultural alignment is visualised in addition to verification of the technical, quality and business qualification.

Typically from the outcome of a successful site visit and a decision by both parties to enter into a legal and business relationship, master services agreement (MSA) terms and conditions are then negotiated and confirmed by contract approval.

ABL strongly advocates a formal vendor qualification site audit as part of the selection process.

As a guide, ABL estimates that the complete bidding process takes in the region of 6 months, from receipt of an RFP through to approval of MSA terms and conditions, to confirm a formal ‘go’ decision and proceed with a project kick-off meeting.