VWR-GreinerOctober, 3, 2017: VWR seminar – Greiner Bio-One Solutions

Greiner Bio-One: For over 50 years, the company has supported the largest laboratories into medicines research and production. As an innovation leader, it develops solutions bringing together simplicity, high performance and optimal quality.

Nowadays, bioproduction requires more and more sophisticated tools into a constraining normative environment. In this context, Greiner Bio-One presents its newest innovations.

As a support in your project development, Accinov offers the opportunity to discover the Greiner Bio-One range, distributed by VWR, in attendance of product specialists.

On the program, three main themes:

Intelligent solution for bioproduction:

o   CELLdisc™: new multi-layer device for mass cell culture

o   CELLreactor™: small bioreactor maximising the number of parallel experiments

o   Advanced TC™: Optimising transfection as a starting point for bioproduction*

o   AutoFlask™: Cell culture flask for automated systems*

Sample Storage Tubes as Quality-Critical Components in Biobanking:

o   Ensure the sample’s integrity

o   Guarantee the identification

o   Improve costs through miniaturization and automation

Features of “GMP consumables”:

o   Expectation from FDA and EU Guideline

o   Features

Start at 9 a.m