May 31 – June 1, 2017 : Meet Accinov at the A3P bioproduction congress in lyonlogo_congress_bioproduction2015

A3P Bioproduction congress : Conferences, Workshops, Exhibition, Plant Tour (Sanofi Genzyme, BioMérieux, Accinov), Bioproduction Efficency

Over the past decade, biomanufacturing HAS Become a strategic driver to scalable and flexible operations, controlled costs. The advances in manufacturing technology -In Particular continuous manufacturing, process analytical technology, single-use systems, alternative technical downprocessing lead to Improve the efficiency of the processes Contributing to cost reduction becomes a challenge for all the drug makers.

In the upcoming Biomanufacturing A3P CONGRESS, you will have the opportunity to learn about key trends, methodologies and insights on manufacturing, process development, quality mangement and compliance of bioproducts.

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