March 8, 2018 : Spectrum Workshop – Tangential flow filtration using hollow fiber filterskdn1sXNr_400x400

Accinov invite you to meet Spectrum (a Repligen brand) to discuss about the tangential flow filtration using hollow fiber filters.
During this half-day, come to learn about principles to increase productivity and efficiency, and to discover a filtration solution platform with the Spectrum Labs Hollow Fiber TFF systems.

Agenda :

9:00 – Welcome coffee

9:30 – Welcome address

9:45 – Tangential flow filtration using hollow fiber filters: Principles to increase productivity and efficiency
Introducing the use of TFF and hollow fiber filters and discussing briefly the advantages and ease of use of this technology. Focus is filtration (principles), HF filters

10:15 – Automation and Scalability of Spectrumlabs hollow fiber TFF systems, creating a “Filtration Solution” platform
Use 2nd gen KR2i as baseline for our system portfolio

  • Scalability of hollow fiber technology; explain important parameters, best practices and the consequential wide applicability.
  • The efficient scalability of Spectrumlabs TFF systems
  • Presentation of the finished process, processed by the KR2i TFF system

12:30 – Lunch