March 10, 2017: Innovative technologies for fermentation & cell culture

During this workshop, Michael Ferguson, CEO of Celltainer Biotech BV invite you to presentations and demonstrations of its equipment for cell culture and microbiology.
The CELL-tainer single-use bioreactor is a versatile device with configurations optimised for Cell culture, Microbial fermentation or as a hybrid device, capable of doing both. The CELL-tainer is available in 20L and 200L volumes and a 2L device is under development for the first half of 2017. The CELL-tainer offers superior mixing and oxygen mass transfer where KLA of 300 hr-1 is easily achieved making it ideal for a wide range of cell and microbial cultures. This multi-purpose equipment is equipped with a patented micro channel feature, allowing easy scale up with minimal handling.

Tim Beckmann, Director Strategic Development & USP at XELL, will give you some basic introduction into cell culture media, (function, ingredients, formulation) & then discuss about some special applications of cell culture media and respective challenges regarding the ingredients.

Agenda : 

09h30 : Registration, Breakfast and networking
10h00 : Presentation of the performance of the single use Cell tainer® 20L hybrid technology
10h45 : Presentation of innovations for culture media by the company Xell
11h30 : Demonstration of the single use Cell-tainer® 20L / B2B meetings

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