Logo SafeTrans (grand)January 31, 2018 : Safetrans-Services Workshop – Managing research samples classification & control cold chain to secure R&D samples shipments

SAFETRANS-SERVICES was incorporated on 2010 as a new transportation offer in biopharmaceutical & biomedical industry. We provide door to door transportation solution, domestic and international, including packaging, data logger, customs clearance. Our customers are public research laboratories, hospitals, CRO, CMO, central labs, biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, API producers, etc…
Our aim is to combine availability, flexibility & efficiency.

Based on customers feedback, we are pleased to introduce a workshop focusing on 2 critical issues :


Various classification (infectious, not infectious, exempted, OGM, etc…) occur confusion. Due to shipper’s responsibility, it is more than important your product are duly declared and packed.


Because your samples are critical, because of Good Practices, it is more than important temperature is maintained from your facilities up to consignee’s laboratory.

These topics will be share with M.Tony Goncalves (Safetrans-Services manager), M.Pascal Janvier (Safetrans-Services Commercial director) and M. Julien Guiboux (Emball’Iso Commercial director).

Start at 9 am in Accinov facilities