Accinov is a biomanufacturing center and provides biotech, pharma and medtech companies with state of the art R&D laboratories (BSL2), cleanrooms (ISO 8-7), GMP manufacturing pilot units & tailored solutions for quality assurance & pharmaceutical support to boost their projects, keep internally their know-how and their IP & manage their facilities in the most flexible way.

Accinov’s customers have just to plug their projects & play in a full ISO/GMP compliant environment.

Accinov has the pharmaceutical establishment status since September 2014 and hosts more than 15 companies and projects, including experimental new drugs production projects.

Accinov is part of the infrastructures of Lyonbiopôle, the biocluster of the Rhône-Alpes region and is located in Lyon in the heart of the Lyon Gerland Biodistrict.


Accinov provides both a GMP environment and pharmaceutical responsibility as a service. First-time players will find a supportive environment to produce their initial GMP batches themselves. Experienced users can quickly operate GMP activities just as they would have done at their own site. Third-party services (i.e. F&F) can be provided without issue. This new concept offers flexibility for GMP biomanufacturing in a pay-as-you-use model.

Accinov presents a real opportunity for biotech companies to create new business models, build new partnerships, and perform agile operations management in support of the current, fast-paced biologics development paradigm.

Advantages of this new approach includes:

  • Shorten time-to-market with an access to ready-to use GMP authorized facilities
  • Reduce capital expenditures and costs for completing GMP bioproduction
  • Save all the time of the technology transfer & run clinical manufacturing campaigns with owned resources
  • Control internally CMC operations during strategic product development
  • Fully manage costs & timelines
  • Reduce effort to operate under cGMP compliance
  • Improve product knowledge & strong capitalization on internal know-how and experience
  • Built invaluable capital of internal know-how & experience for future projects