Riboxx develops, manufactures and markets unique drugs for immunotherapy of cancer or virus diseases.
The drug products developed at riboxx pharmaceuticals act by switching the immune system ON. They activate the so called “innate immune system”.
The drug products of riboxx pharmaceuticals belong to the class of Toll-like-Receptor agonists (TLR) and RIG-I-like-Receptor (RLR) agonists. The drug susbtance is RNA (ribonucleic acid).
Riboxx pharmaceuticals has developed four families of TLR & RLR agonists for immunotherapy of cancer or immunotherapy of virus diseases.

Immunotherapy of cancer

  • RIBOXXIM® is a TLR3 ligand for ex vivo immunotherapy of cancer, therapeutic vaccination against cancer, and prevention of cancer recurrence.
  • APOXXIM® is a TLR3 ligand for first-line immunotherapy of cancer.
  • RIBOXXON® is a TLR3-bioconjugate for targeted immunotherapy of cancer.

Immunotherapy of virus diseases

  • RIBOXXOL® is a TLR3 ligand for therapeutic vaccination against virus diseases, i.e. Hepatitis B virus.