iDD biotech develops innovative products in targeted immunotherapy, based upon monoclonal antibodies (MAb).
The company owns an extensive library of MAbs with many new innovative targets, a portfolio of projects and patents and several Mab related drug candidates with potential in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and inflammation.
It has developed close relationships with academic research institutes and world renowned clinicians and is a key member of the industrial cluster in therapeutic antibodies

iDD biotech is covering the value chain of medical need identification, target validation, antibody engineering and preclinical grade MAb production.
Its mission is to strengthen the therapeutic arsenal for patients and clinicians, with innovative patented MAbs, ready to go into regulatory preclinical development and later in clinic.
The strategy is to achieve agreement licensing at early, preclinical or clinical stage.

iDD biotech signed its first €100+m milestones landmark deal in March 2015, with Genmab, to develop a preclinical stage antibody