Histide™ is a biotech intellectual property platform company pioneering a new class of nonmutagenic extracellular therapeutic agents called Cell Recoding Molecules™ (CRMs). This innovative platform builds on Histide’s expertise in the mechanisms underlying the cell’s microenvironmental sensing and signal transduction processes. The CRMs promote and stimulate the cell’s natural capacities to redirect its own fate by integrating accurate extracellular signals. This is at the heart of Histide’s Recoding Therapeutics™, a groundbreaking approach of addressing diseases that goes beyond traditional cell, gene or RNA based therapies. Recoding Therapeutics based treatments will be the closest to natural cell physiology and thus have the potential to provide substantially improved safety and efficacy. This broad platform should be able to address a wide range of altered cell conditions and diseases through the regeneration and healing of a large majority of human tissues.