ElsaLys Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company that designs and develops “best-in-disease”innovative therapeutic antibodies in oncology and ophthalmology.

To drive these innovations, ElsaLys Biotech relies on an academic network of international standing, an R&D platform that covers validation of targets in the clinical evaluation of antibody candidates and a team of experts dedicated to developing immune-based therapies and conduct programs in partnerships.
The company has already signed licensing option and / or collaboration agreements (Institut Curie, IGBMC-ICS, Inserm and Inserm Transfert, Centre Léon Bérard, CNRS) and maturation agreements (SATT Conectus, SATT SE), and has acquired a first strategic asset. Two years after its foundation, the Company hosts three proprietary antibodies and four development programs in oncology and ophthalmology.
Founded in 2013, ElsaLys Biotech consists of a team of 12 people, led by Dr. Christine GUILLEN. Since inception, its investors are Transgene and Sofimac Partners, joined in 2015 by IM Europe and Crédit Agricole Création. ElsaLys Biotech’s head office is located in the centre of the Lyon Gerland bio-district and its laboratories are based in the Illkirch Graffenstaden Science and Technology Park.