Bioaster is a Technological Research Institute (TRI) funded as part of the French National Program Investment for the Future. Bioaster is dedicated to technological research in the field of infectiology with 3 main research programs on infectious diseases, rapid diagnosis and human intestinal microbiota.
The research programs are supported bu 13 core facilities. Among them three are located at Accinov:
– The ” Bioproduction and protein engineering” core facility is involved in development and optimisation of expression platform through vector construction and host engineering. The facility is notably focused on protein engineering to produce VLP, scaffolds and ologomeric structure.
– The “Biological sample collections” core facility is positioned as a single point of access to various biological samples (human or animal biological samples, cell lines and microorganism strains). Its missions are collection and pre-analysis of biological sampel and coordination of patients cohorts.
– The “Animal models & imaging” core facility is especially dedicated to the development of new animal models to evaluate infectious diseases and microbes/host interactions. On-going projects include controlled microbiota approaches and treatement of MDR bacterial infections.