AYAWANE is an innovative company founded in March 2010 by Mrs Latifa DAHRI-CORREIA, PhD CEO, headquartered in Lyon, France.

AYAWANE has developed a new approach to manage hard-to-treat wounds called HYALIn® technology.

The HYALIn® technology is based on new Hyaluronic Acids (HA) utilization and their combination of molecular weight, formulations and presentations, functionalization and cross-linking creating bioactive matrix.

The core HYALIn® concept defines the most appropriate form and molecular weight of HA to obtain the best wound healing process. This concept offers one unique smart solution to manage each type and stage of wound healing and tissue repair process.

In this way HYALIn® wound management significantly improves the wound healing closure rate as well as the tissue repair quality.

AYAWANE is entirely product development oriented from the HYALIn® plateform for human and animal applications. AYAWANE intends to out licensing the HYALIn® technology rights to partners according to each therapeutic field.